Frequently Asked Questions

Submission Structure

COLM will be run on OpenReview. Submissions will open in the beginning of next year.
COLM will use the following policy, adapted from NeurIPS: 'Non-anonymous preprints (on arXiv, social media, websites, etc.) are permitted, though preprints in the style must use the new “preprint” option, rather than the “final” option. Reviewers will be instructed not to actively look for such preprints, but encountering them will not constitute a conflict of interest. Authors may submit work to COLM that is already available as a preprint (e.g., on arXiv) without citing it; however, previously published papers by the authors on related topics must be cited (with adequate anonymization to preserve double-blind reviewing; see below).


We are actively looking for sponsors for the event. Please contact if you are interested.

Conference Structure

Yes, COLM is an archival venue. You may submit to non-archival venues in addition to COLM, but not to archival venues.
The conference will be single-track with invited speakers and oral presentations, mixed with poster sessions.


It is pronounced like 'Collum' based on the Irish name Colm ( It means dove 🕊️.
It's kind of cute... in an ugly way.