University of Pennsylvania
Philadelphia, PA
October 7-9, 2024


Conference tickets will go on sale July 21. Hotel accommodations are now available. If you are in need of a Visa letter, please fill out this form.


The leap in general-purpose capabilities from language models is a landmark in the development of Artificial Intelligence. The nature of this technology has led to a different set of research questions than are the typical focus of related venues. COLM is an academic venue focused on the study of language modeling, broadly defined, with the goal of creating a community of researchers with expertise in different disciplines, focused on understanding, improving, and critiquing the development of LM technology. If you are interested in this goal, see our Call for Papers.


COLM will take place at the Zellerbach theater in the Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts at the University of Pennsylvania. The conference will be a three-day single-track event with a mix of invited talks, orals paper presentations, and poster sessions. Details for hotels and registration will be available soon.


Yejin Choi
General Chair
University of Washington, AI2 / @YejinChoinka
Denny Zhou
General Chair
Google DeepMind / @denny_zhou
Dipanjan Das
Program Chair
Google DeepMind / @dipanjand
Danqi Chen
Program Chair
Princeton / @danqi_chen
Yoav Artzi
Program Chair
Cornell Tech, ASAPP / @yoavartzi
Angela Fan
Program Chair
Alexander Rush
Organizational Chair
Cornell Tech, Hugging Face / @srush_nlp
Alice Oh
DEI Chair
KAIST / @aliceoh
Monojit Choudhury
DEI Chair
Microsoft Turing / @monojitchou
Mark Yatskar
Local Chair
Penn / @yatskar


If you are interested in sponsoring COLM, please reach out to the COLM Organizational Chair.